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 Where Fashion + Tech Innovations Begin 
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Wearable Tech is a tech category producing the greatest innovations to enhance productivity for every day people while solving problems for public sector around the world.

Glam Tech USA is a platform launched in 2016 with the purpose of:

  • creating wearable tech awareness; 

  • designing collaborative opportunities for fashion design and tech innovators;  

  • designing a space for those underrepresented in tech, such as women and youth, to learn coding and other design elements for wearables;

  • promote wearable products and entrepreneurs;

  • develop new wearables for marketplace consumption;

  • make tech fun with a splash of GLAM (fashion, beauty, and health features for participants.

#WearableWednesday is a weekly social media promotion by GlamTechUSA. Every week, wearable tech products produced by emerging and large brands, as well as tech innovators, are showcased to promote the value of wearables.


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2017-18 Events:

Baltimore Glam Tech //  Hackathon

Baltimore Glam Tech //  Reverse Pitch 

Minneapolis/St. Paul  // Glam Tech

Los Angeles // Glam Tech

Columbus, OH //  Glam Tech

Akron, OH  //  Glam Tech

New York // Glam Tech

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