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*Please note that a one day live workshop can also be coordinated in lieu of the 6 weeks sessions*

**Minimum of 40 registrants**


6 weeks- 90 minute calls

6 Week Study of (15 Laws, Sometimes You Win, Leadership Gold, Put Your Dream to the Test, or How to Be a Real Success)

Copy of designated book 

BONUS: Copy of Rejection to Reward by Coach L


A Leaders Journey - A 6 week study to help increase your influence as a leader

Join us in a VIRTUAL group where we will do a deep dive into John Maxwell's BEST-SELLING leadership and entrepreneurial books.


If you are looking to learn about leadership, whether you are just starting or you've been leading for years, this is the book you want to learn from!


This group will meet for 6 weeks. Hope to see you there!


Some things to expect during the Program:


- Spend 90 minutes virtually for 6 weeks


- Spend time in between each meeting doing reading/preparation for the next meeting


-You will be challenged

-You will increase your capacity as a leader


Includes copy of the book, workbook, access to webinar sessions or workshops, copy of #RejectiontoReward, and a growing network of fellow leaders. 


Advanced Leader Zone

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