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Leadership is influence. 


What most do not recognize is HOW, WHEN, WHERE and WHY they influence. 

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you.


It's time to recognize your capability and capacity for how many people you can influence, for how long, an how effective you can be. 


Whatever your vocation, you can increase your impact on others by learning the principles of influence. Creating positive influence will not only be a catalyst to your own success, it will become the legacy you will leave behind. In this 3 (90) minute sessions course held via Zoom, Coach L  will lead you through the principles of influence authored by John Maxwell:


  • Integrity with people
  • Nurturing people
  • Faith in people
  • Listening to people
  • Understanding people
  • Enlarging people
  • Navigating for people
  • Connecting with people
  • Empowering people
  • Reproducing others


For success, create a personal journal just for these sessions. After each session, take some time to record your thoughts and observations from the session itself.  What did you witness in yourself? This process of reflection is beneficial in helping you maximize the learning within the process, for example, returning to your thoughts ahead of the next session is a very useful method of returning, as near as possible, to where you left off.


This live, virtual course is comprised of 3 (90) minute sessions.  The course investment includes access to the sessions, participant workbook, a copy of the book, a copy of Rejection to Reward, and a group communication site for the course duration. 



Influencer Course

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