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Transitions in life can be difficult and often leave most people stuck in the 'glorious past' if they don't have the proper support, outlook, or coaching to define their next strategy for life. The terror in transition can be magnified when you are a recognized leader, figurehead, or member of influence and authority. 


The Level Up Group Coaching program is led by Forbes Leadership Coach, Tech Founder, Harvard University Guest Lecturer, and Innovator of the Year- Coach L.

She has worked with many executives, leaders, and influencers to develop and polish their personal brand, all while innovating in various aspects of their lives. If you are ready to define a life that fits you (amongst confidential accountability partners), then this is the group for you- Level Up. 


6 Classes with 2 Bonus Sessions (via Zoom virtual platform).

(Complete with workbooks, detailed resources, and homework)

*Meet Twice a Month- Group Lesson (90 Minutes) and Group Q&A (60 Minutes)*


*Design Your Personal Brand- Identify what you are great at and develop a social and branding strategy to become known for it. Snatch your power back and do it your way, in your style, with confidence. 

*Put Your Dream to the Test- Develop and test winning ideas while solidifying strategies for your life and business. Create a step-by-step action plan that you can start using today to see, own, and reach your dream.

*Sales Management (Master your money. Accelerate your profit through sales.) Every entrepreneur and leader has to sell. Whether it be transactional or ideas, learn from the best on how to sell and manage the sales process. 

*Patent 101 and 201- Protect your ideas, products, and new developments through the patent and trademarking process. Learn from experienced patent agents and legal authority on the path to success. 

*Sponsorship and Investment- Learn about the funding cycles; Understand what separates a winning sponsorship package from those that are quickly tossed; Identify what investors are looking for; Create a WIN-WIN scenario; and open the world for sponsorships and investors. 

*Tried, True, and New PR Tactics- Leverage your brand for FREE; Learn how to use your own voice in the market place; Identify the best ways to get featured in media; and Walk away with the confidence to ROCK your feature on a show, news program, podcast, or live event. 


Bonus Sessions


Session 1:

*Networking- How to CONNECT and develop long standing mutually benefical relationships.


Session 2: 

*Tech Investment (A focus and insider look at opportunities to invest in wearable tech from the @WearableTechVentures platform).

*Founders & Leaders Retreat Informational Session (Elite Networking and Rejuvenation Experiences).


Six month program. Please contact us for next Cohort date. 

Pay in full or participate in a payment plan. 



Level Up Plus* $12,500

Leadership (Glam) Retreat and exposure to wearable tech investment opportunities


Level Up Group Coaching (6 Mos Intensive)

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