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From Best Selling Author, Award Winning Business Coach, Tech Founder

& Keynote Speaker


A book of transparent and WINNING strategies for

FOUNDERS & LEADERS facing resistance in any area of their lives. 


Rejection is merely another part of your journey when you know how to snap back and turn it into a lifetime of rewards. Get the book to find out how.​


Hey, I want you to think back to a situation when you received a ‘NO’ for an  answer. It may be the time you didn’t get the promotion you wanted or when you  were turned down by your “dream client.” 


Or, then again, maybe you found yourself on the verge of giving up after being hit  with a series of rejections. But, still, you have a burning desire to succeed and go  after what you really want. 


IF you’re struggling to break free from a seemingly unending downward spiral, I  encourage you to grab a copy of my book, “Rejection to Reward” to get the  blueprint on how to shift from rejection to immeasurable success. 


This book is exclusively for founders and leaders like you who  want to shatter barriers in tech, business and higher education. In between the 

pages, you’ll find valuable insight on how to refine your process and sharpen your  skills.


From there, you’ll have what you need to create winning strategies to crush  resistance and finally turn your goals and dreams into your new reality.  


So, if you’re ready to launch the business you’ve always wanted or are prepared to  step into your dream career, PURCHASE today and let me show you how to get  the YES you’ve been waiting for. 



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Rejection to Reward Book