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Growth Strategies for Founders & Leaders

Develop the leader. Scale the business.

We Empower Startup Founders & Leaders with Growth Strategies that Fit Them. They'll Call You Lucky.  
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Coach L 

I’m LaKisha—better known as Coach L to my clients and followers—an innovator, growth strategist, expert presenter, and new-age techie with flare and a killer eye for style. I believe life is enjoyable when it’s lived on our own terms and given everything we've got. I know what fits me, and I consider myself lucky to have experienced success with that knowledge. I started Lucki Fit to empower founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders to find what fits them, and then use that knowledge to help them become lucky in life and business.


When I’m not coaching, you can find me seeking out the next big trends in fashion, beauty and wearable-tech; spending time with my family; taking time for myself to work on my #GLAM; and actively serving my community. 


Get to know me better. Then, let’s connect and start working to develop your #fITfactor at LuckiFit.

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