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"Thank you for an AMAZING learning experience. I walked away learning so much more than I expected. Coach L's unique style is unmatched...don't ever change! She is one of three professors/instructors to have made an impact on me. She challenged me to think out of the box and I looked forward to working with her every single week. Thanks for an amazing learning experience.  Keep being you and keep smiling!"



Baltimore, MD

"Uh-hah moments are difficult for most instructors. Most students are lucky to have them happen once during a class, it is even rare to have this happen multiple times during a course of study. This is where Coach L excels; she has a knack for using examples and analogies that transcends the curriculum and really resonates with her students. Her teaching method provides an intellectual atmosphere conducive to the stimulation and exchange of ideas. I am certain that her other clients will agree that her ability to teach and convey materials was incredible. For her work ethic and passion for teaching, she deserves award and recognition."


Baltimore, MD

"Coach L and I met at a Johns Hopkins University event, and since then she has served as a career coach as I finish graduate school. She is full of wonderful and helpful advice, and is always supportive and willing to go out of her way to assist me. Being well connected, Coach L was more than willing to connect me with colleagues in the field as well as advocate my experience on my behalf. She is very kind, helpful, experienced, and talented, and it is a pleasure working with her."is item your own, click here > Add & Manage Items.


Baltimore, MD

"I met Coach L through University of Maryland Smith School of Business network. She was kind enough to spend time with me, listen to my background and experience, and coach me on how to make the most of my MBA program. She offered me excellent guidance on where to go from here. She has accomplished a great deal in her career- is incredibly driven, and is not afraid of change or a challenge. She also recognizes the importance of mentoring and coaching others, as evidenced by her extensive experience." 


Washington, DC

"I met Coach L through the Robert H. Smith School of Business network. She was extremely helpful in listening to the details of my career and what some of my aspirations and future roles could be. She provided me with direction in what I would be looking for in a career within her two main fields of expertise; human capital and marketing, and has been a great mentor in my continued career development." 


Washington, DC

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