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The Book + Podcast Club for Founders & Leaders 

Unlock Your Full Potential with Expert Business and Leadership Coaching

Transform Your Corporate Experience into Entrepreneurial Success


Join the ranks of successful startups and visionary leaders who have harnessed the power of expert coaching. 


Contact us today to start your journey towards unparalleled growth and leadership excellence.




Why Choose Our Coaching Services?

Engaging with Lucki Fit can provide startup founders and leaders with the expertise, insights, and strategic direction needed to navigate the complexities of growth. This collaboration can lead to more informed decisions, efficient operations, and ultimately, a higher likelihood of sustained success.

We Offer: 

A Proven Track Record with Elite Programs

Tailored Growth Strategies

Strategic Planning and Vision for Business Foundation

Leadership Development for Startups, Organizational Leaders, and Aspiring Entrepreenurs

Comprehensive Entrepreneurial Guidance

Network and Resource Access

They’ll call you LUCKY because you found your market FIT and it shows.

We firmly believe in doing what “fits” and not going after the status quo. Success is much more enjoyable this way. Founders & Leaders' recognize us as the resource for strategic direction needed to navigate the complexities of growth The desired result is achieved when people call YOU “Lucki”. 


Whether you register for an on-demand course, Level Up for an intensive group coaching experience, attend the F&L Book + Podcast Club, indulge in a #Glam or Founder & Leaders Retreat, or read Coach L's books, we help curate your desired end result and make it look it easy.  

Review our Capability Statement.

Experienced Leaders

Empower Your Transition from Corporate Leader to Successful Entrepreneur Unlock your full entrepreneurial potential with expert business and leadership coaching designed for corporate leaders making the leap to startup founders.

Small Business Owners

Unlock Your Startup’s Full Potential with Expert Business and Leadership Coaching Empower your entrepreneurial journey with tailored coaching designed for high-impact programs like Techstars, NSF I-Corps, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, and Anita B.

Emerging Leaders & Founders

Tailored Growth Strategies Receive personalized coaching that addresses your startup’s unique challenges and goals. Our approach is specifically designed to align with the methodologies and expectations of elite accelerators and incubators.

StartUp Founders

Accelerate Your Success Shorten your path to success with proven strategies and actionable insights. We help you refine your business model, optimize operations, and accelerate growth to stay ahead in the fast-paced startup ecosystem.

Small Business Owners

Enhance Leadership Skills Transform into a visionary leader with coaching that enhances your leadership capabilities, decision-making skills, and ability to inspire and manage high-performing teams.

Aspiring Founders

Robust Network and Resources Gain access to our extensive network of industry experts, investors, mentors, and alumni from top programs. Our connections open doors to valuable resources and opportunities for collaboration and funding.

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