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Virtual Team Meeting

The Book + Podcast Club for Founders & Leaders 

Our Philosophy


We Empower Founders & Leaders Seeking Growth Strategies.


Established organizations seek entrepreneurial leaders to enhance performance and long term survival in these rapidly changing times. Emerging businesses and startups depend on capable leaders to successfully navigate through complexities for sustainability. 


Most small businesses and startups invest tons of money into logos and websites that yield no sales result. A true BRAND is how you show up AND perform. We coach Founders and Leaders who invest in a brand strategy to WIN in the marketplace by developing the right solution for the right target customer resulting in profit and success. 


They’ll call you LUCKY because you found your market FIT and it shows.


We firmly believe in doing what “fits” and not going after the status quo. Success is much more enjoyable this way. Founders & Leaders' recognize us as the resource for building a profitable business and personal brand with style. The desired result is achieved when people call YOU “Lucki”. 


Whether you register for an on-demand course, Level Up for an intensive group coaching experience, attend the F&L Book + Podcast Club, indulge in a #Glam or Founder & Leaders Retreat, or read Coach L's books, we help curate your desired end result and make it look it easy.  


Our seamless process of developing powerful brands with impact and income is based in the foundation of Branding and Coaching with 3 belief pillars: Confidence, Energy, and Style


Lucki Fit began as a personal branding firm and has since expanded to a bespoke branding firm for leaders, founders, and entrepreneurs. Gain new insight daily by following our @LuckiFit Instagram page.


Our team, led by Coach L, is comprised of highly accomplished and award winning marketers, designers, & strategists who have developed international and national campaigns, served as brand managers for products and services you use daily, shaped the images of familiar faces you see and hear regularly on television and radio, and developed content that has been widely distributed in main stream media.

Review our Capability Statement.

Experienced Leaders

Experienced Leaders benefit from our customized training offerings, coaching, retreats, and masterminds.

Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners benefit from our coaching, retreats, summit, and customized training.

Emerging Leaders & Founders

Emerging Leaders benefit from Lucki Fit Nation, on demand courses, group coaching, retreats, and summits.

StartUp Founders

StartUp Founders benefit from on demand courses, virtual incubator, masterminds, retreats, and summit.

Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners benefit from our customized training, summit, retreats, and masterminds.

Aspiring Founders

Aspiring Founders benefit from Lucki Fit Nation Membership, on demand training, and retreats.

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