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This program is exclusively for entrepreneurs, leaders, aspiring tech founders, and influencers who want to win in an ever-changing world.


The Innovation (+) Incubator covers the lessons, step-by-step guidance, community support, mentoring and no-fluff coaching you need to:


  • Tap into and embrace your ability to pivot in the face of adversity.
  • Examine your environment and find ways to rise as a leader in any setting.
  • Position yourself to leverage the limitless opportunities around you.

During our time together, we’ll cover three core module topics to ensure you’re fully prepared to activate your innovation when you graduate from the program.​


Module #1: AI, Innovation and Product Development (Positioning It for the Right Investors).


During Module #1, you’ll gain in-depth guidance on conceptualizing, designing and developing a prototype, leveraging available resources to bring your vision to life and secure funding for your product. You’ll also get an AI playbook introduction to lead through disruptive change and all the information you need to ensure your product is “investor-ready” and insight into raising seed capital and examining the viability of different types of angel investors, venture capitalists and more.​


Module #2: Building Your Brand Story and Pricing


During Module #2, you’ll get insider information on developing an irresistible brand story that attracts raving fans. This module covers how to define your brand vision and mission, identify your target audience and create a unique selling proposition that speaks to your audience’s needs and desires.


You’ll find out how to price and position your product for the marketplace, critical buyer trends and craft a sellable message across vital sales and marketing channels. You’ll also conduct a comprehensive assessment of your expenses, pricing and profit margins to ensure you build your brand on a sustainable foundation.​


Lastly, you’ll get the coaching you need to present your brand to potential customers and partners with confidence.

Module #3: Business Planning, Modeling and Protecting Your Intellectual Property (IP)


During Module #3, you’ll receive a detailed outline of the various types of business models, a success blueprint and easy-to-follow insight on how to use copyrights, trademarks and patents to protect your IP rights.

You’ll also discover how to address IP disputes, register your patents, trademarks and copyrights on time and gain access to little-known yet highly affordable ways to trademark your brand portfolio.


The Innovation Incubator is led by Forbes Leadership Coach, Tech Founder, Harvard University Guest Lecturer, and Innovator of the Year- Coach L. 


Enroll to receive continued incubator development opportunities provided seasonally. It's like having a co-hort of fellow Tastemakers grow with you on a journey to Innovate YOUR Life. 


3 Innovation Modules at 60 minutes each via Zoom platform (once a month)

2 Q & A sessions (once a month)

1 Celebration Ceremony (Finale)

Workbook for notetaking and post learning opportunities

Copy of Rejection to Reward Book

*Bonus Session 1

Organize your home and office like a multimillion dollar CEO

*Bonus Session 2

Meet and greet session Q&A with a successful Innovator.


**Note: Program can be paid via installments 


Innovation Incubator Session has two options:

Tues 8 pm New York EST or Sat 9 am New York EST

Innovation Incubator

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