Bounce back from a hard road and INNOVATE YOUR LIFE.


REWARD yourself and APPLY to the 2021 cohort.


The Global INNOVATION Incubator is for aspiring and evolving TASTEMAKERS who seek to WIN in a constantly changing world. 


SEE yourself differently. SEE your environment differently. SEE opportunities that arise from Crisis differently. 


The Innovation (+) Incubator is designed for 6 months of growth activated activities.


Are you an aspiring or early stage founder, influencer, or transitioning leader?


You will build a network; identify key opportunities to shift your life; learn strategies for WINNING; get coached along the way; and create the CHANGE you WANT to SEE.


In addition, you will learn how to position your product and yourself to go to market, protect your innovation, secure funding from angel investors and VCs, and learn how to create additional exposure.


Network with fellow Tastemaker Innovators around the globe in the live group coaching sessions.


The Innovation Incubator is led by Forbes Leadership Coach, Tech Founder, Harvard University Guest Lecturer, and Innovator of the Year- Coach L. 


Enroll in the Beta series offering to receive continued incubator development opportunities provided seasonally. It's like having a co-hort of fellow Tastemakers grow with you on a journey to Innovate YOUR Life. 


6 Innovation classes at 60 minutes each via Zoom platform (once a month)

5 Q & A sessions (once a month)

1 Celebration Ceremony (Finale)

Workbook for notetaking and post learning opportunities

Copy of Rejection to Reward Book


**Note: Program can be paid in four installments of $650 nonrefunable deposit, $425 due before 48 hours before monthly Session 2, $425 due 48 hours before monthly Session 3, and remaining balance prior to Session 4.


Innovation Incubator (+) class topics include: 


*Innovation and Product Development : Positioning it for the right investors

Are you seeking to develop a product? Or have you started to develop a product? Learn how to conceive, design, and develop a prototype, as well as identify how to leverage resources to bring your vision to life.  Are you seeking to bring an investor on board? Learn the options available to you. In trying to raise a seed round of capital, different types of angel investors, VCs, and their motivations. 


*Building your brand story and pricing

Learn how to create a brand story that builds brand fans; steps to define brand vision and mission; how to get to know your audience; develop USPs that speak to customers needs and wants. Identify how to price position items in the market place for your customer, determine trends and if you want to participate in them, and customize your messages across channels. A review of your costs, price, and profit margins will enhance your overall brand positioning. Lastly, you'll learn how to present your brand professionally for client presentations and wins. 


*Business planning, modeling, and protecting your IP

In this session we will outline the types of business models, plan for your success, and review types of Intellectual Property (copyright, trademark, patent) with specific steps to protect IP rights. As a startup, learn how to address IP disputes, timely registration practices, and affordable ways to trademark a portfolio. Our goal is to eliminate the confusion and complexity associated with this topic. 

*Bonus Session 1

Meet and greet session Q&A with a successful Innovator.

*Bonus Session 2

Developing your professional brand on LinkedIn (recorded session)


Innovation Incubator Session 1 has two options:

Tues 8 pm New York EST or Sat  9 am New York EST


Session 2: 

Tues 8pm EST  or Sat 9 am EST 


Session 3: 

Tues 8 pm EST or Sat 9am EST 

Innovation (+) Incubator 2021