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The Amazon Hot Seller List! Coach L Adds 'Author' to Her Bio

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TITLE: 40 Days to Unshakable Self Confidence

LaKisha Greenwade, is a business coach, social influencer and marketing strategist, and best-selling author. She coaches entrepreneurs and leaders to find what “fits” them in life and in business. She shares her life skills in an easy to understand and fun way with her clients.

In her book, “40 Days to Unshakable Self Confidence”, LaKisha gives you tips on how to build your confidence, while at the same time building a brand out of yourself. In each section, there is reflection and work space to ensure success through her book and words of wisdom. In a recent interview on Thriving Entrepreneur Radio, LaKisha said, “The book demonstrates what I think a lot of people go through in life on a daily basis. That inner struggle, which in many cases, have not been captured in the media or other readers’ stories have not been told about those nuanced moments that shape and mold a person into gaining confidence so that they can speak and make life a lot better.”

The host of Thriving Entrepreneur, Steve Kidd, had this to say about LaKisha’s book, “The worlds deserves to have the best version of you. You deserve to be the best version of yourself because at the end of the day, what we want more than anything else, is to serve the people that we were meant to serve. You, too, can live with an unshakable self-confidence because that will help you live as a Thriving Entrepreneur.”

Find your Unshakeable Self Confidence in her new, best-selling book, available on Amazon now.


What separates the cream of the crop from those that are not? Confidence. LaKisha Greenwade, affectionately known as Coach L, has risen to the top in glass ceiling shattering roles and coaches leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers to do the same by designing their own lives.

She is an esteemed Forbes Coaches Council member, two time 40 under 40 honoree, Glam Tech- wearable tech innovator, personal brand strategist, haute business professor, film producer, and speaker.

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